Posted September 21, 2010

This past Labor Day, our very own Kerry Quirin participated in her second half marathon in Oak Brook, IL.  Personally, I can barely take my dog for a walk without needing a few breaks along the way so I am very impressed.  In fact, this is the second one she has run in.  Back in 2008 she participated in a race in Arizona.  Running in heat.  Wow.

Great job Kerry!  I know that she is planning on running in another one soon.  Here she is a few months before the event stocking up on some carbs for the energy she knew she would need for the race.

Sweet people love sweets right?  Look at that ‘grocery cart’ full of cotton candy.  If you want to know where you can feast on that, send me a message!

In addition to practicing and running for the half marathon, Kerry helped over 25 families find assisted living, memory care or independent living in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Kerry has been an advisor with Senior Living Experts for 4 years now and I personally would like to clone her so we could help even more families!

Kerry and her husband Mark (who is turning 40 very soon!) live with their three beautiful children in Downer’s Grove, IL where Kerry is also active in the PTA.


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