Posted January 11, 2007

It has been my experience that too many families wait until there
is a crisis to consider assisted living for their loved one.  When a
crisis happens, the senior is usually frail and unable to take
advantage of all the benefits assisted living has to offer.

Many families tell us the wished they would have moved their loved ones sooner.

What are some signs that it is time to seriously consider assisted living?

Difficulty performing daily activities:

  • Wearing same clothes multiple days
  • Bathing less frequently – personal hygiene suffering
  • Not bothering to cook for one person, skipping meals
  • Laundry and housekeeping becoming a burden
  • Spends time in only a few rooms in the house

Memory loss:

  • Repeating questions or statements, multiple phone calls with the same questions
  • Leaving the stove on, frequently misplacing items

Medication concerns:

  • Forgeting to take medications – resulting in missed dosages – or taking more than required
  • Running out of medications – or not propertly ordering medications from the pharmacy
  • A lot of expired medications around

Lack of Socialization:

  • Losing touch with friends and isolating themselves
  • Loss of intrest in activites once enjoyed such as going to church
  • Showing signs of depression, for example sleeping a lot or crying
  • Loss of spouse, relatives and long-time friends


  • Becoming increasingly paranoid or fearful of others
  • Afraid to be alone at night
  • Becoming more dependent on family members
  • Feel neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be

Safety concerns:

  • Stairs and steps make it more likely to fall
  • No help nearby if fall or emergency occurs
  • Difficulty getting in and out of tub or on and off of toilet
  • Increase in ‘stuff’ around house causing fall risks

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