Posted June 18, 2008

Just like the Amber Alert – but for missing seniors…helping law enforcement officers find seniors who have maybe wandered away from home.  In effect in some states from my understanding, but I also just found this information online:

(Washington DC) At least 70 members of the United States Congress support a bill that would fund a Silver Alert system to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia-related illnesses.  According to Congresswoman Candice Miller of Michigan, over five million Americans are known to have either Alzheimer’s or dementia.  She says 60-percent of patients with those issues will wander off at some point during their illness.

Congresswoman Miller hopes to see this legislation passed through the House and the Senate and eventually be signed by the president.  Then, she says, each approved state will receive at least 100-thousand dollars toward establishing or improving an alert system.

Congresswoman Candice Miller says it’s great we are having longevity, but there are challenges that come with it.

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