Guiding principles behind the AAHSA Idea House

Posted November 10, 2009
Technology, universal design and aging in place all come together at the Idea House at the AAHSA 09 conference. When you are touring the home you can see all three of these principles in every corner. I am going to start with sustainable design.  "Green" design is important not only to the environment but to the health and wellness of the occupants who live in the home.  The healthier the environment, the longer they can remain in their home whether that be and actual home, apartment or senior living community. The house was designed to be oriented with the courtyard ...
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Touring the AAHSA Idea House

Posted November 9, 2009
This morning I had the opportunity to venture over to the McCormick Place and tour the Idea House that was built right inside for the AASHA Annual Meeting. When I initially arrived, the media was touring the home and I got to stand back and take a look and really appreciate how many people could comfortably stand inside the home and socialize.  And socialize they did, as there were many vendors demonstrating some of the latest and greatest technology available to us today to help us age in place. I walked into the open courtyard area and tried to decide ...
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