AAHSA Idea House Continued

Posted November 1, 2009
I have some more information on the Idea House that will be at the AAHSA Meeting and Expo next week in Chicago. Before I even get into all the cool technology and design, its work noting that sustainable design features are used throughout the house including: carpets made from post-consumer recycled content and furniture made from recycled plastic milk jugs.  Go green! This 2,600 square foot home uses new technologies and design to make it possible for older adults to remain independent at home.  (And like I said before, home might be your independent living home right now...) Here are ...
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Continuum of Care Retirement Community: Benefits of Deferred Entrance Fees

Posted October 29, 2009
Recently, I have been asked a lot about how business is going in this market.  I respond by noting that people are still moving to retirement communities and assisted living.  Actually the more need driven the move (ie:dementia, safety causing a need for assisted living) the more likely there will be a quick move in. However in the area of independent living there has been some slowing.  Some of this is due to the fact that folks who want to make the move need to sell their house in order to afford to do so.  And as we know, homes ...
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