2015 Cost of Assisted Living in Chicago Illinois

Posted November 13, 2015
< This is the number one question we get asked about assisted living every day.  And if you are NOT asking this question and are assuming the government will pay for your parents stay at an assisted living, then we need to have a frank talk! Every year, Genworth Life publishes the average costs for senior care and elder care across the country.  These reports include the cost for not only assisted living but also nursing home care, home health aides & homemaker services as well as adult day care. On average across the country assisted living runs $43,200 a ...
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What if your parents need money? Great article from Cincinnati.com

Posted February 18, 2010
An estimated 38 million Americans provide care to an aging relative. The president's proposed budget for 2011 adds $103 million for programs that help elderly adults stay in their homes through in-home services, transportation and other support programs. via news.cincinnati.com
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