Social media opens social world to elderly, disabled

Posted February 1, 2010
I just read another article about the benefits of social media.  Many of us use it for business and for catching up with friends.  But what if you had no lifeline to the outside world?  Social media tools have now allow those who may have otherwise been isolated and home bound to talk and share and laugh.  Provided you are not afraid to learn the new technology, social media can allow some to share their stories and participate in conversations.  Which is what its all about.  And I always say socialization can be as important as exercise.  I love seeing ...
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Jilted bride throws 'reception' for senior living community near Chicago

Posted January 13, 2010
I was reading a copy of last months AARP Bulletin on our drive home from Florida and came across this article.  As I read it again out loud to my husband Jason who was driving, tears came to my eyes so I ripped it out so I could remember to share it on my blog.  I don't know who you are Teanne Harris, but I think you are the bomb.Jilted Bride Throws Bash Anyways - When Teanne Harris' fiance got cold feet six days before their late October wedding, a retirement community in Des Plaines, Ill., got a special treat.After ...
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Touring the AAHSA Idea House

Posted November 9, 2009
This morning I had the opportunity to venture over to the McCormick Place and tour the Idea House that was built right inside for the AASHA Annual Meeting. When I initially arrived, the media was touring the home and I got to stand back and take a look and really appreciate how many people could comfortably stand inside the home and socialize.  And socialize they did, as there were many vendors demonstrating some of the latest and greatest technology available to us today to help us age in place. I walked into the open courtyard area and tried to decide ...
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The economy and senior living

Posted October 30, 2009
Since I brought up the fact that I get asked a lot about how the economy is affecting the senior living industry, I felt I could probably talk more about it here as well. While as a whole, our business is doing great that might be because we offer a valuable service that is much needed and when you need it, you need it fast.  So as word gets out about the free referral service finding senior living that we offer, the better business is.  However, who knows if it could be even busier? We have received calls from people ...
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