Posted July 16, 2008

“InnerViews” is a series of short films being created at Lieberman Geriatric Centre in Skokie to document the life stories of their residents. Each of these films will chronicle the life of a resident from infancy to childhood to adulthood and through his or her senior years. Besides creating a priceless account of the individual’s life for their family, “InnerViews” is an educational healthcare tool.

Volunteers are needed to help film these stories. It provides volunteers with a unique opportunity to learn new skills such as, interviewing and film making, as well as a chance to have a meaningful experience with an elder and directly impact his or her life.

The only prerequisites to volunteering for this project are computer literacy and an interest in documentaries and filmmaking. Volunteers will learn basic interviewing and film editing skills, meet with and then conduct a filmed interview with a Lieberman resident. They will then edit the film for viewing. Volunteers must make a commitment to create at least one full film.

For any questions or to sign up, please contact Rebecca Abramowitz


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