Posted August 30, 2007

The Memory Walk committee is looking for volunteers to stand along the 3.2 mile route to cheer the walkers on and to make sure everyone is going the right way!! 

The volunteers will need to arrive before the walk and will stay in place through the duration which is about 10-12.

If you have been wanting to help but was not interested in joining a team or raising money this is the way to do it!  And you get a SWEET bright orange t-shirt that says Memory Walk Volunteer.  I should try to find a picture of myself in one.  I just wore it to the gym the other day and there was no hiding in that thing.  But that’s OK I wanted to advertise the walk!

If you are interested please call Mollie or Kelli at the local office in Skokie at 847.324.0382!

Memory walk is Sunday Sept 16th at Montrose Harbor…(in case you couldn’t get that from the 30 other posts I have made about Memory Walk!)

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