Posted April 3, 2020

We at Senior Living Experts thought you needed some good news. Here’s a list of all the ways Senior Living Communities, Average Americans, and Companies Are Helping Seniors During COVID-19.


How Communities Are Supporting Seniors

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What do Senior Living Communities do in the face of Covid-19? They get creative to keep their residents happy and connected to their loved ones! Entertainers are providing their services to residents from the courtyard outside of communities so residents can enjoy from their balconies. Our Referral Partner, Lincolnwood Place, provided this to their residents last week.

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Activities Directors are so creative in their ideas to provide engagement for the residents, but in a safe way. Here, you see residents enjoying a Bingo game from each other their rooms, abiding by the 6 foot distance rule.

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Several communities have arranged FaceTime between seniors and loved ones. One example of this is Maplewood Senior Living (in Connecticut) have arranged for robots to provide FaceTime type capability, games, jokes, for residents to enjoy in their rooms.


How Americans Are Supporting Seniors

What do Americans do when faced with Adversity? We come together.  we all have the capability of helping our neighbors by checking in on them. Our very own, Kerry Quirin, has contacted Downers Grove Township and placed herself on a list to shop for homebound seniors. Stay safe and healthy everyone! Here are some ways in which our fellow Americans have joined the fight against COVID-19:

Our Referral Partner, Providence Life Services, is asking anyone who has the capability to sew face masks and send them to their office in Tinley Park. Contact Senior Living Experts for the address.

Here is a link to learn how to make face masks:


How Companies Are Supporting Seniors

In addition to companies like Target who are announcing pay raises, bonuses, and a new paid leave policy during the Covid-19 crisis, companies are stepping up.

Hope you found all of these amazing initiatives uplifting. Stay safe and have a good weekend!

Misha Vilenchuk

Misha Vilenchuk is the Director of Operations at Senior Living Experts.

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