Posted July 27, 2009

Patricia Grace is one of the many passionate elder care advisers that I follow on Twitter.  I recently ran across this article of hers and had to share as it is such a common question I get when people find out what I do. Here is the beginning of the article:

Making the decision to move a parent or loved from their home into
an assisted living, retirement or nursing community is never an easy
decision. If you find yourself questioning the safety of your parent(s)
living alone then perhaps you and your family should consider the

• Are you concerned your loved one might wander off and not find their way home?
• Are you unable to provide daily social interaction with your loved?
• Are you getting frustrated and angry caring for your loved one?

you answered yes to these questions then the time might be right to
move that elderly person to a senior housing community. Although making
the decision to move a loved one can be very emotional and difficult,
once it has been accomplished it can lead to an improved quality of
life for everyone involved.

You can read the whole article here: Moving your loved one, when is it time?

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