Posted October 25, 2008

On Wednesday night I had the extreme please of listening to Dr. Cheryl Woodson speak about the upcoming “Senior Tsunami”.  I found it very interesting that if Washington doesn’t fix Medicare, then the Boomers are really going to suffer.  Apparently Medicare (when it does pay) only pays .40 cents on the dollar.  Geriatric doctors whose patients almost always have Medicare can not afford to keep their practices open unless they also except younger patients as well.

With the amount of people that will be moving to Medicare in the next few years gets closer, the problem gets bigger.

Dr. Woodson recently spoke to the New York Times about this as well and the whole informative article can be found here:  When Medicare Falls Short

Aside from the Medicare issue, she mentions that caregivers really need to take care of themselves and one of her keys to caregiver survival is: Don’t put your head in the sand, Ostriches get their backside shot off all the time.  Very true.  Here is the link to her other keys to caregiving.

Photo courtesy of Funny Ostrich Pictures (gotta love the internet)

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