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We are a free referral service that guides families through the overwhelming task of finding the right senior living solution for your loved one. Our advisors have over 75 years of combined experience and have helped hundreds of Chicagoland's families over the years. Let us help yours!

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Amie Hyman
Chicago, IL
I have had the pleasure of working with both Kerry and Nancy on many occasions. Senior Living Experts is the first company I refer to when I have a senior client that needs to move to a retirement community. They are extremely knowledgeable about all of the resources available and are always accessible by text, e-mail and phone to answer my many questions. I prefer working with SLE because I know how much they care, how they put the client's needs first and are always cheerful. They know details about each of the communities that are not readily available and are always more than happy to get any questions answered that they may not know the answer to. When necessary, they will pick up my client, arrange lunch at the community and tour with them. There have been times that I have had questions that did not lead to a referral and they did not hesitate to help. I will not forget that. I highly recommend Senior Living Experts! Amie Hyman, President and Owner of Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.
Tara Kelly McCloskey
Chicago, IL
Our experience with Senior Living Experts was fantastic! Kerry Quirin is a pleasure to work with and has a way of making everyone feel less anxious about the whole experience. My in-laws were very nervous about taking this next step. They were brought to see a few facilities and the benefits of each were highlighted so well, that they became eager to get the process going. It turned out to be the best thing for both of them since my mother-in-law needed some care shortly after moving in. My father-in-law has found activities that interest him and meets friends regularly. They seem to have a better social life now then they did when they lived in their home. I remember when my family and I had to find a place for my mom. There was noone to help guide us. How I would have loved to have a Senior Living Expert with me at the time. Finding a suitable home for a parent is stressful and emotional time for all involved and Kerry Quirin and the staff at Senior Living Experts helped to ease the burden of guilt and stress that go along with it. I would HIGHLY recommend Senior Living Experts to anyone in the position of trying to find long term housing for their senior parents.
Marlene Butler
Chicago, IL
I will be forever grateful for meeting Kerry Quirin at a eldercare seminar. Shortly after this my husbands dementia advanced and I needed to find a memory center for him and was under pressure for time. I called Kerri and she immediately looked for possible places for him and even make appointments and took me to visit possible facilities . She was so very knowledgeable but also caring and professional. She helped me find a wonderful place for him.

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