Matthew Margolis


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Nancy Pappas

Senior Advisor

About Matthew Margolis

Matt simply enjoys helping people. When he fell into the practice areas of Estate Planning and Elder Law in March of 2011, he truly found his calling. Thinking he would miss the hustle and bustle of being in the loop, wearing a suit every day, and “fighting” in court, he soon realized that there was more to the practice of law.

Matt has an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to be valued contributor to the fields of elder law and estate planning, while supporting clients and their families through some of life’s most difficult transitions. More importantly, he understands how challenging it can be for people to talk about death and dying. He is committed to making the planning process as comfortable as possible.

Matt lives in Northbrook with his wife and two children. He is both a self-proclaimed “foodie,” constantly experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and an avid craft beer enthusiast. When he’s not busy working you will find Matt spending time with his family, out playing a round of golf, or sharing beers with friends. Matt also sits on the board of Shore Community Services, an organization started by his wife’s grandparents in 1951, which is dedicated to assisting individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

About Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys will primarily work with seniors for most common necessities such as wills, health care, guardianship, and financial planning. If there is ever uncertainty regarding important decisions, these attorneys can give informative advice and help you develop detailed plans to avoid any issues in the future.