Marina Kemel

Home Health Provider

Partnered with

Nancy Pappas

Senior Advisor

About Marina Kemel

Stella Melman and Marina Kemel took over Accurate Private care in May during the year of 2018, at the time, a small company providing services to only 5 clients. We had a vision and desire to build up a company that would truly take care of our clients and employees. We wanted to treat our clients like we would treat our parents, and our employees with the utmost care and respect.

Now, 2 years later we are finally implementing our vision, which is working. Our company is continuously growing bigger and bigger and our name is becoming more and more known among nurses and clients.

We believe in working together and helping each other when it comes to the home care industry. Senior Living Experts and Nancy Pappas have a very important role to play in our industry and from time to time we cross paths. Our clients may not always be benefiting from staying home with a caregiver. It’s very important to us to identify what will truly benefit our clients and help them achieve it. That is how Accurate Private Care and Nancy Pappas have been working together to provide the best care and services to our clients, and will continue to do so in the future.

About Home Health Providers

Home health providers consist of professionals such as registered nurses and physical therapists who are available for medical care. We typically recommend employing one of these health professionals after an elderly person has dealt with an injury or hospitalization. Some of the services include administering medications, caring for wounds, and keeping an eye on the individual’s overall health.