Robin Dawson

Insurance Agent

Partnered with

Michelle Carliri, RN

Senior Advisor

About Robin Dawson

As an independent health insurance broker, Robin helps individuals navigate the world of Medicare and comparison shop for coverage customized to meet their healthcare needs and budget. Through representation of virtually all of the major insurance companies in Illinois, Robin helps clients make fully informed and cost effective decisions when selecting among a vast amount of insurance options. She provides consultation, plan evaluation and enrollment assistance at no cost. Robin speaks frequently throughout the city and suburbs on the topic of Medicare, coverage options and cost saving strategies to use throughout the aging process.

Robin and Senior Advisor Rebecca Donze have co-sponsored multiple seminars together in the Northwest suburbs, educating families about Medicare and senior placement options.

About Insurance Experts

There are many types of insurances that come into play during your elder years. A senior insurance expert has undergone extensive training to make this stage of your life as convenient and understandable as possible.